New 2018 Facebook Updates

Facebook has always been the best part of Social Media on our globe either to make new friends over the internet or to grow /promote your business. On this big and huge platform including around 2.7 Billions of active users per month. So this is the best platform to interact with new people and brands. Many brands grew from scratch to the level of a High Professional Business.

So, this post is about some of the new changes or updates that Facebook made this year 2018.


This is the very first new Feature of Facebook. So, the user gets a little bit new thing that is you can snooze any profile so that you will not get any new post in your timeline of that profile (Because you snoozed). The Snooze Function work for 30 Days. So we have an example to make you understand fully- Let’s suppose if there is any friend of your on Facebook named Adam and he posts pretty much post, and now you got bored of seeing only his post on your timeline. So to get rid of that what you can do is Snooze the profile of Adam(If you do not want to block Adam).  So, Here you get some screenshots that tell you more about it. How to do it…Go in your timeline check for the person whose account you want to snooze, then go on three tiny dots in the right-side upper corner of the post and select the snooze option. The Snooze option is working on both App and Desktop.

Snooze Function in Desktop

2. Switch Profiles

This is the second New Feature on Facebook, this is about switching profiles for working smoothly on Facebook.  This works like if you have 2 or 3 or more account on Facebook and you use all, then on the desktop you will get an icon for switching profiles. This will help you if you use many Facebook accounts or if you use Facebook for Business.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Just like eBay and Gumtree, Facebook also extended is Market of Brand Selling your goods and services in your locality or Area. Its the game changer, like how cool is that you can buy or sell small things that you need, also you can see the profile of seller. Also, you can talk to him. But at the end of the day, it’s a good thing overall.

    1. Basically, it started from 2015 but limited to the groups. Like from 2015 you can only buy and sell any product only in groups, but now Facebook decided to take Buying and Selling to the higher level, so here we have perfect Market Place.
    2. Few More Details about FB Marketplace:-
      • It will be available to everyone over 18 years of age.
      • Currently available for iPhone and Android and not on windows or desktop version of Facebook.
      • Facebook does not facilitate the payment or delivery of items in Marketplace. You and the other party get to decide it on your own.

Market Place



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