Digital Camera vs Old Camera
Digital Camera vs Old Camera

Today, we are going to talk about how digital cameras work and how the cameras used to be earlier used to work. About him, we are going to talk today. Nowadays it’s easy to click photos. You have a mobile phone. Have to take a selfie or click on someone’s photo. Quickly click on the photo by clicking on the photo and then save it or share it with friends and upload it over the internet. So you do not have any problem with it. But let me tell you, first clicking the photo was not a big problem but it used to be a lot of work. Let me tell you that used to be a reel camera before that used to be no digital camera before.

Camera Roll Insert in Camera
Camera Roll Insrert in Camera

Now how he used to work and how today’s digital camera works, I will tell you now. Exactly how technology has changed The camera used to be the first used to be a reel on which our photos could be taken. First, if your parents use the camera, then the reel cameras will be used. So you can ask them what it was like. There used to be a reel that used to trap such a couple between the two bridges and wrap the reel to click on a photo, then after that, every photo was taken to wrap the reel. There was a chemical on that reel which captures the image when the lights expose.

Camera Roll
Camera Roll

You know that we can write anything when it comes to our eyes when light bounces on it. So in that same camera, the reel was behind the lens and when we clicked the photo, the camera shutter opened and the light on the reel fell and our photo was taken.

The first reel manually used to wrap up. Then gradually the technology was large, then the reel was processed in its own way. Now you could click the photo without even wrapping it, but our photo was printed on the reel.
When you took your photo, he made a roll of a reel. With that reel, you used to make its negative and then make his photo.
So, in a way, it was a long process, and having to take a photo would have to make a lot of trouble. If a photo was accidentally clicked then you can not delete it and that part of that reel gets spoiled.

old camerasacccc
old cameras

Now digital cameras have come. How many photos can you take from these and if you have to delete a photo you can do that too. If you want to draw more photos you can change the memory card. May have a memory card of more capacity.

So now we will know about

how this digital camera works.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

The principal of the digital camera and the old camera work is almost the same but is a little different.
The light comes in here, but the light on which the photo was made on the reel. Instead of that he is now made on the chip. Which transforms that image into a digital form. Now that image is saved on our memory card or storage device.
Now you can share this image to anyone and make a copy of it, delete it, and upload it to the internet. You can also convert these images and edit it too.
This image is saved in JPG JPGE and other formats as well.
Digital camera is the most popular now and in the coming time maybe even less, and new technology will come, no reel cameras use anymore, maybe someone else’s house still reels
Can get the camera. But no one uses it.

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