1. Repost Public Posts in your stories.

Instagram is going to allow you to Repost Public Posts in your stories.
But here is Catch, that this feature will only work for Public Accounts (Accounts that are not been signed to Private). And also if anyone with Public Accounts does not want their post shared stories this way, Instagram lets you take the option as well.

So, Instagram is currently testing a New Feature, that would let the user share other people’s post in their stories. This feature is only going to work with the profile which is Public.

According to a Source, this Feature is introduced because many people screenshot others post and share their stories. So this will be a good feature that way.

“We are always testing ways to make it easier to share any moment with friends on Instagram,” the company was quoted as saying.

2. Follow Hashtags as well on Instagram.

Now, Instagram also lets you follow #tags (Hashtags) as well. So whenever you get any post on any particular Hashtags that you followed, then you will also get that post in your Feed.

What is Hashtags?

Hashtags are tags in different Categories, by which it knows what about the post is.

If you post a Photo of Eiffel Tower, then you will use tags like #eiffeltower, #paris, #france, #travel, #explore. So basically, by these tags, Insta got to know that the post is about Travel.

This is the Fact of Instagram.

So, to follow Hashtags that you like, you have to just do the things as said below:
1. Open Instagram.
2. Go to the Search Icon and Search any hashtags that you are interested in.
3. And you will get an Option for Follow it too as you follow Profiles.

PS: This feature is not available for Desktop Browser. It will only work for App Android and iOS App.

Follow Hashtags
Follow Hashtags


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